Heaven, Mankind, Earth

 Welcome to our world, the place of Mankind, between Heaven and Earth.....................

                                                                                                                                                                         Tian        ≈  Heaven          the sky & stars above

Ren         ≈  Mankind       humanity, people, us 

Di              ≈  Earth             the world we stand on

Together they merge to become a philosophy, a way of approaching our lives, 

our existence, destiny, raison d'être, place, role, job, function in the cosmos:

To Become the Vertical Conduit between Heaven and Earth, 

a living vessel for the energies of Heaven and Earth to meet and combine in........

A Philosophy contained within the heart of many physical and spiritual practices, culturally rooted in and manifested through the structural and spiritual aspects of Taiji and QiGong.

A practical way to access better physical and mental health and greater spiritual contentment through a modest investment in personal practice, providing a stable yet flexible core from which to better deal with a rapidly changing, challenging and stressful modern world.

A Philosophy, a Physical Practice, a Spiritual Discipline, but not a Religion: 

Tuition available in Surrey, London, Bristol, South and SW England,

also in Belgium, Holland, France, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, USA

Email Paul for further information..........                                                                    © Pabrew  2018